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- Spotlight Artists -

- Just Announced -

Feb 10

State Theatre of Ithaca - Ithaca, NY

Mar 6

The Haunt - Ithaca, NY

with Little Daylight and Secret Someones

Mar 13

State Theatre of Ithaca - Ithaca, NY

Apr 11

The Hangar Theatre - Ithaca, NY

May 3

The Hangar Theatre - Ithaca, NY

- Social Updates -

ralphie may

doing stand up from da big black comdedy show,,,this uthafugga gotta be 1 of the funnisets white boys ever

Ralphie May ads are running on Comedy Central - We try every way we know to reach you! Get your tickets now for the last big comedy show of the year at the State Theatre of Ithaca this Dec 7...

Wild Child - Crazy Bird OFFICIAL

Director: Christian Sorensen Hansen Artist: Wild Child Album: The Runaround (2013) Label: The Noise Company Purchase on iTunes:

Wild Child are blowing up as are their support act Cheers Elephant - What a way to kick of 2015 in Ithaca! The Dock on Jan 25 - on sale now - love that this one starts with a child reciting the lyrics from They Might Be Giants Meet the Elements Jam...


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